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Metallux specialises in tailor-made solutions. The range of applications is so broad that we can only list a few here. Is your application missing? Then get in touch.
Pressure sensors

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

  • To record the air pressure for automatic undercooling/overheating calculations


Measurement technology

  • For pumps for recording the pressure and controlling and regulating a constant pressure
  • For measuring devices such as digital tools
Position/rotary sensors

Drive and automation technology

  • Spindle drives for determining the position of a linear actuator
  • Mobile and directional antennae for alignment and readjustment


Power tools

  • For controlling the torque and speed of power tools


Industrial radio remote controls

  • Determination of the deflection angle of control sticks and joysticks


Measurement technology

  • To measure the fill level of cash machines
  • In crash test dummies for determining the path and position of the movement of the ribcage in the event of a crash


Cleaning technology

  • In cleaning equipment as a direction control switch
  • In cleaning robots and robot vacuum cleaners for measuring the steering angle


Robotics and handling technology

  • In industrial robots and cobots for determining the position of robot axes or robot arms

Industrial radio remote controls

  • As control elements for industrial radio remote control


Robotics and handling technology

  • In industrial robots for drive and function control

Drive and automation technology

Charge, discharge and braking resistors for drive control of:

  • Rope and chain hoists
  • Gates
  • Baggage handling systems
  • Frequency converters
  • Inverters
  • Spindle drives
  • Capacitors


X-ray technology

Resistors for voltage measurement

  • In industrial X-ray systems for detecting cavities in cast parts, for detecting materials in bottling plants for food and drinks and for measuring the voltage in PCBs
  • Inspector for full and empty containers
  • In medical X-ray spectrometers
  • In packaging X-ray systems


Electric vehicles

  • Measuring resistors
  • Protective resistors
  • Precharge resistors


Machinery and plant engineering

  • To measure and control an electrical field
  • In flock coating plants for vehicle interiors
  • In paint shops for vehicle bodies
  • For charging and discharging and as explosion protection in paper or plastic printing presses
  • Heating resistors


Measurement technology

  • In HV measuring devices to measure the voltage
Pressure transmitters

Machinery and plant engineering

  • Recording and regulation of liquid and gaseous media



  • Recording of the pressure in fuel cells
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