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Metallux specialises in tailor-made solutions. Our specialists understand the special requirements of your industry and develop individual products that are designed for your exact requirements and application conditions.
Pressure sensors
  • Pressure measurement in the hydrogen tank of electric vehicles/fuel cells
  • Recording of the fuel, brake, tyre, filter or oil pressure in cars and lorries
  • Monitoring of pneumatic and hydraulic braking circuits in cars and lorries (pneumatic brakes)
Position/rotary sensors
  • Adjustment and determination of the position of seats and exterior mirrors with memory function
  • Determination of the position of the tailgate, accelerator, steering wheel in cars
  • Determination of the position of convertible tops
  • Charge and discharge resistors in the onboard electronics of cars with conventional drives and electric vehicles
  • Series resistor in spark plugs
Whatever you have in mind, we have the solution!
We not only offer a comprehensive range of standard products, but develop tailor-made, customised products or OEM solutions to suit your requirements. Get in touch to see what we can do!

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