Metallux pressure sensors in hydrogen vehicles

MLX 2021 05 LI Brennstoffzelle

Emission-free transportation - for a better environment. More than ever, mindfulness of our environment is anchored in people's minds. In addition to small things that we can change in our everyday life, such as plastic-free packaging, we can also make transport “greener”. Electric cars can be mentioned as an alternative to public transport. A variant of the electric car is, for example, the hydrogen car. In hydrogen or, better said, fuel cell cars, a fuel cell and a hydrogen tank generate the electricity that is used to drive the vehicle electrically. Pressure sensors are used to control the pressure in the hydrogen tanks. 

Metallux steel pressure sensors of the SPS 1000 and 3003 series are used in this challenging milieu. The specially selected stainless steel of our pressure sensors is ideally suited to meet the high safety requirements. 

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