Metallux resistors in patient and therapy chairs

MLX 2021 10 LI Patientenliegen

They are available in every type of practice facility - patients and therapy chairs. In addition to being necessary for treatments and therapy sessions, they are now also a fashionable piece of furniture. The loungers are often available in many colors and can be matched to the practice furnishings. In addition to looking good, the chairs must be comfortable and safe for the patient. For the staff, optimal ergonomics during use is also decisive. This also includes the function for adjusting the height and the headrest. With electrically adjustable patient chairs, our Metallux resistors ensure gentle movement until the end position is reached. The resistors absorb the kinetic energy and thus enable dynamic braking processes. The motor, which adjusts the height of the chair, is operated by a foot lever. Incidentally, our linear and rotary sensors such as the MTP-R are built into such a foot pedal. 
With the help of the Metallux braking resistors of the PWR series and the PWR-S, it is possible to move the chair smoothly into the desired position. It therefore offers the best comfort for patients. Our resistors are characterized by a high level of security, reliable function and simple assembly as well as a small space requirements.

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