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Thanks to their space-saving design, Metallux power resistors with thick-film technology permit a high power density in a confined space.

Features such as low inductance and the ability to deliver high resistance values open up new prospects in power electronics.

Our portfolio ranges from standard products to products that have been adapted according to your exact requirements.

Tell us your desired output, dimensions and resistance value and we will produce the right resistor element to suit your requirements.
We produce individual samples all the way through to large series containing hundreds of thousands of items.

Power spectrum

  • Basic range in power classes 100 W, 200 W and 300 W
  • Individual design according to your specifications
  • Resistance values of 5 Ω to 650 Ω can be freely selected
  • Universal connection types possible
  • Max. operating voltage 1000 VDC
  • Installation height approx. 2.5­ mm
  • Steel or ceramic substrate
Leistungswiderstaende PLR Metallux


  • High power density in a confined space
  • Flat design
  • Suitable for cyclical loads
  • Very low inductance of < 6 µH
  • High resistance values

Application examples

  • Charge, discharge and braking resistor in drive controls (frequency converter)
  • Charge, discharge and symmetry resistor for capacitor batteries
  • Protective resistor for diode rectifier
  • Heating resistor for temperature control of gears
  • Electrodes in reflectors
  • Precharge resistor in car onboard power supplies
Product portfolio

Our power film resistors

Whatever you have in mind, we have the solution!
We not only offer a comprehensive range of standard products, but develop tailor-made, customised products or OEM solutions to suit your requirements. Get in touch to see what we can do!
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